Tamara Ecclestone was conceived on 28th June in the year 1984. Tamara Ecclestone was born in Milan, Italy.

Tamara Ecclestone is the little girl of the previous CEO of the Formula One Group, Bernie Ecclestone, and Slavica Ecclestone.

Her mom is a previous model. Tamara Ecclestone has two kin named Petra Stunt and Deborah Ecclestone.

Her sister Petra Stunt is additionally a style planner. Ecclestone is a British by nationality and has a place with English and Croatian ethnicity.

Tamara Ecclestone finished her training from Francis Holland School in London. From that point onward, Tamara Ecclestone went to London School of Economics.

Tamara Ecclestone additionally went to the Unıversıty College of London. Tamara Ecclestone started her profession as the moderator of Sky Sports Italia’s inclusion of the 2009 Formula 1 season.

Tamara Ecclestone has additionally worked in the scope of another way of life and allure preparations. In the year 2006, Tamara Ecclestone made her TV introduction displaying Channel 4’s Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

Tamara Ecclestone turned out to be mainstream when Tamara Ecclestone featured in her own unscripted tv show Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$$ Girl on Channel 5 out of 2011.

As a model, Tamara Ecclestone postured for Playboy in May 2013. Tamara Ecclestone has additionally filled in as a model for a few organizations. Tamara Ecclestone has likewise functioned as a host for Sky Sports and Britain’s Channel 4.

Tamara Ecclestone has total assets of $300 million. Tamara Ecclestone is a British model, socialite, and TV character. Tamara Ecclestone picked up reality popularity with her show Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$$ Girl from the year 2011 till at present.

Tamara Ecclestone is otherwise called the little girl of extremely rich person Bernie Ecclestone. Tamara Ecclestone is a hitched lady. Tamara Ecclestone is hitched to Jay Rutland.

The couple got hitched on 11 June 2013. They together have a girl named Sophia Eccelstone-Rutland, conceived on 17 March 2014. The couple has been hitched for a long time now and they are still attached.

Already, Tamara Ecclestone was locked into Jonathan Ketterman in the year 2002. The two of them together have a little girl named Sophia Ecclestone-Rutland, on 17 March 2014.

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Tamara Ecclestone was likewise connected with to Gavin Dein from 2007 to 2012. In the year 2012, Tamara Ecclestone had a transient illicit relationship with Omar Khyami.

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