The rest of the world may say that bikers are bad people, but I’ll fight that till my last breath.

For me, bikers are people who make the world a better place.

And at Ride Brotherhood, we have hundreds of stories to prove the same.

And guess, who’re the folks I keep at a pedestal even above bikers?

Our soldiers and our veterans. They’re the ones who literally put their lives on the line so that we can keep enjoying the things in life we hold the dearest.

While the liberals go around the streets ranting of how their freedoms and liberties are under threat, they don’t realize something.

They don’t realize that even the freedom to do what they do comes at a cost.

And a heavy one at that. We’ve all taken our freedoms for so granted that many of us don’t realize what we have. And what even fewer realize is the cost of that freedom.

And this biker’s patch says something that’ll force each one of you to stop. And think. And understand.

There are soldiers and veterans who’ve risked their lives. Left behind their families, the people they love, the people they hold dear, to go and fight for the country.

Fight for our freedom. While some make the ultimate sacrifice, others make sacrifices we can’t even fathom. Losing every nights’ sleep due to PTSD, losing a limb, and the hardships these guys suffer is something that has to be seen to be understood!

So, here’s one for our soldiers and veterans! May they live long, happy, and prosper!


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