Puzzles are among the best ways to stimulate your brain and provide some pretty efficient exercise.

If you want to test yourself, then you might find this simple puzzle harder than you thought at first. It may seem easy at first, but in fact, it is troubling even some of the smartest people.

Do you consider yourself capable of solving it?

Try This Simple Triangle Puzzle

This puzzle’s question is: how many triangles are in this picture? You have to consider every single shape that the bigger triangle contains. Think about the triangle’s components. The more you look at it and try to solve it, this simple puzzle turns into a real enigma. Do you think you know the answer yet? Take a guess or a few. Some people have tried at least a few times before giving up.

Your math skills have been truly tested here, and how sharp your eye is at seeing finer details.

Other Challenging Puzzles

If you want another test to try your math skills further, you can do that with the following math test. This simple little test gives you a menagerie of math problems with multiple-choice as the answers. It demands capability from you to answer with multiplying, division, addition, subtraction, percentages, and even decimals. Some of these tasks might be easier than others but it’s completely based on your math skills. A very small number of people have been able to score a 100% on this test. Check if you can be one of them, and also without a calculator!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that isn’t related to math, this puzzle is connected with how literate you are. If you’re an articulate person then this might be a piece of cake for you. Your only task is to try to guess which letter(s) are missing from these given words. Also, you have multiple choices for an answer so it really makes you question what could be missing from these words. It is not that easy at all, especially if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to read that much.

But, be fair and don’t cheat, and don’t use google as help! Because you are not getting anything from cheating, besides cheating yourself and missing on knowledge. You learn more through your mistakes than through false success. Think about these little tests as a way to improve your knowledge and your skills!


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