Let’s get this rainy day going strong with the heat from the one and only, Veronika Rajek.

Today, it is all about the amazing blonde with a slender body physique, Veronika. What I particularly like about Veronika is her daring personality. Especially when she wears a bikini in exotic locations!

Young and adorable Veronika was born on June 12, 1991. Kayla DeLancey is a model who already worked with all sorts of different brands, like Arnhem, Sabo Skirt, and Swimmia amongst many others.

What’s more, Kayla is also very good at taking selfies. After all, she keeps on posting a ton of them, no wonder why she got so experienced at it. Kayla also enjoys tasty breakfast bowls, beer, and warm, sunny days.

If you are ready for a smoking hot model, Veronika, you better keep on scrolling and enjoy all the sexy Instagram images we have in store for you.


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